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Cerevrum is a new approach to learning in virtual reality. Set in a world of powerful spirits, players challenge their brains with different games to win the favor of the gods. Cerevrum uses the immersive power of Samsung Gear VR to create learning experiences unlike anything you’ve seen before.


We target the entire spectrum of cognitive ability: memory, perceptual speed, multitasking, executive function, and attention.
Personalized Learning
Data-driven machine learning characterizes each Learner's cognitive strengths & weaknesses, adaptively adjusting difficulty in real-time.
Immersive VR
Lose yourself in immersive environments and challenges, rather than passively watching a screen.
Have fun!
Why bother with something you don't enjoy? We design VR experiences so fun you'll forget they're making you smarter.
Cerevrum Game Research
We proved that playing our Cerevrum Game actually
improves the user’s cognitive skills.
Cerevrum Game VR Research

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Available for all major headsets
Compatible devices:
Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge
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